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Licensed throughout the state of Wisconsin to sell all forms of Real Estate, I hope to not only serve you during transactions as your listing or buying agent, but also with all of your Real Estate needs. As your single source for Real Estate related questions I hope to provide you with the best service, and most knowledgeable counsel in every circumstance. With access to the most current statistics and market conditions as well as being in the market daily, I am able to provide you with the most accurate information to make the most informed decisions in your next real estate transaction. Also, by staying current with design and building trends I am able to provide innovative as well as practical ways to meet the needs of your remodeling project. Ways I can serve you include the following areas:

Listing Agency

In creating a Listing Agency agreement you hire my services & expertise to market & sell your Real Estate through:
    Price Counseling - Counseling on your home's "Market Value" performing a Comparative Market Analysis
Property Specific Marketing Plan
- Development of "Target Market" to sell your property
Personal Service
- As the sole contact person for your listing I will field all calls, inquiries & offers placed on your property
Competitive Commissions
- Get the best results while keeping the most money in your pocket 

Buyer Agency

In creating a Buyer Agency agreement you hire my services and expertise to:

Locate properties based on your criteria.

     Schedule and Tour potential properties with you in Private Showings

     Value Analysis of desired properties to counsel you on Market Value

     Due Diligence to extensively research the history of the property; physically, financially & legally 

     Negotiating on your behalf to get you the best price & terms in the transaction
     Facilitating the process from  the accepted offer, through contingencies all the way to closing 


Go to the client profile page and fill out the “Buyer’s Information” section for me to begin working for you today!

Design & Remodeling Consulting

Want ideas on how to make your home or business better fit your needs and also be a smart investment for when you do want to sell? Want input on current remodeling trends and ways to get the most, "bang for your buck." As the son of a contractor and brother of an architect, I have grown up on construction sites and stay current in the latest building practices. I am a valuable resource to help you realize what potential lies within your current or prospective home. Just go to the client profile page and fill out the Data Sheet and be sure to check the box for design & remodeling consulting.

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Has it been a while since you were in the market for a new home?  Do you want to know how much equity you have in your home to see if you can add that sunroom, or buy a new house to meet your current needs? Is the only value you see the property assessment on your taxes? If so, I can help you with those answers by providing you with a clear understanding of the value of your home through a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). I will take important aspects of your home such as square footage, lot size, bedrooms etc. and compare them to other properties and current market conditions to estimate a "Market Value" for your house TODAY. Whether you want to sell your home, or just know what the value of one of your most valuable assets, contact me to complete a comprehensive CMA. Go to the client profile page and fill out the Data Sheet to let me know your needs and be sure to check the box for your own FREE CMA by signing up on-line. 

Target Market Updates

Do you wish you could see when a home similar to yours sells, and for how much? Or be contacted when a home meeting your search criteria is just listed without searching the web? Just sign up for FREE Target Market Updates by filling out the information on the client profile  page and I will contact you to get the specifics of your needs to get you started today!


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